This Road Of Music

By Alan Rhody

It's been a couple of issues since my last column appeared here in your hometown musical source. Life keeps getting busier and busier, it seems. At any rate, thank you one and all for your indulgence.

That brings us to this month's topic. I regret to say that this will be my last official installment of "This Road Of Music." It's been a great run and I thank Paul Moffett and Jean Metcalfe for the opportunity to print my thoughts each month on various musical topics, people and places I have encountered in the last few years. My obligations in other areas of music and art, however, prevent me from continuing this space I've occupied for some time now.

In spite of that, I will continue to maintain a presence in this publication from time to time and hope all my readers, fans and friends will take note of my future activities in the region.

I want to thank all the people who have written, called, and commented on how much they have enjoyed reading "This Road Of Music." I thoroughly appreciate your thoughts and words. I hope to keep hearing from you and please subscribe to and read the Louisville Music News!

Thanks once again and have a Happy Holiday Season! I hope to see you on December 5 at Picassos Coffee House in Elizabethtown!

Here's to great new horizons in 1999!

Residing in Nashville, TN since 1977, award-winning songwriter and entertainer Alan Rhody can be reached at P.O. Box 121231 Nashville, TN 37212 or Fax., (615) 296-5146. You may visit his web site or sample his music at: songs-com/ar or 1-800­BUY-MYCD