Wait for the Full-Length CD

100 Acre Wood
100 Acre Wood

By Kory Wilcoxon

It is not fair that this local band has to confine their sound to a CD. In fact, it is more than unfair; it's downright cruel. Anyone who has seen their dynamite live act can attest to the fact that no recording can live up to the beautiful collision of music that is a 100 Acre Wood live show.

But this EP comes about as close as we can hope. The five songs showcase a variety of the band's strong point, with heavy emphasis placed upon their folky alterna-pop. The mood swings from the trippy "Brittle" to the more somber "Who Are You" (not a cover, by the way), allowing the band to saunter their musical spectrum.

Nate Thomas and Paul Moeller do a nice tag-team on the vocals, and the rest of the band - drummer Mark Book, bassist Ben Schneider, lead guitarist Richie Oeffinger and violinist John Shiner - all get a chance to show off their skills. This band is more than worth the price of admission, and this album is only a taste of what they can do. Check them out.