Sideburners ( Onefoot Records )

By Brent Starkey

This all-male quartet from Sweden sounds so much like Bad Religion at times, they could easily pass . . . well for their younger brothers . It comes as quite a shock that this isn't on FAT, in other words - it's that derivative . Which is not to say it's bad , all the perfect background vocals are in the right places, the music starts / stops on the proverbial dime, the lyrics tend to deal with all those important self-aware issues: " The more I see , the more I tell myself I'm not going to live my life that way. A prisoner in a domestic jail. The same things happen every day. " ( from "Scottie" ) , but again - it's nothing new. The kids should eat up Adhesive's brand of pop-punk, but since this album's over a year old now and I've never heard of it or them . . . maybe not.