Late (American Mars / Diamond Wine Music)
American Mars

By Brent Starkey

Whew! Is this one a stinker! It should've been calledDestiny: Bargain Bin. American Mars are three guys and a girl from Dearborn, MI who play college - rock (read: radio - friendly) alternative mush. They reach a peak in the middle with "Queen Bee", "Sugar Cone", & especially "Crush," but that doesn't last long. "Muscle Car" and "Grief" are particularly boring. The lyrics are pretty goofy at times: "I stayed in my room, I learned to play my mother's broom / Grew my hair just like U2, convinced myself I knew the blues" (from "Hourglass " - they had to know they were gonna' get blasted for that verse . . . geez.) I'm not going to waste any more space telling you how mundane this is . . . search it out in the bargain bin and find out for yourself. Might've made a decent single.