Boomerang (Benson Records)
Bruce Carroll

By Robert Gruber

Bruce Carroll's brand of CCM - smooth vocals singing straightforward lyrics wrapped in country-tinged adult pop stylings - have always been a cut or two above the norm. Like James Taylor, he has that warm, friendly feeling about him that helps to transcend the sterile chill of pop radio.

The ten songs onBoomerang contemplate the deeper issues of the Christian life, while still offering solutions in Christ. The title track explores "what comes around goes around" in such things as gossip and little white lies. 'The Room' is a look at a young couple's loss of a baby. 'To Forgive' is perhaps the album's strongest cut, a beautiful meditation on forgiveness in and of Christ. It's a powerful message (worthy of the kind of crossover success 'Butterfly Kisses' received). About the only weak song on the whole set, 'WGOD' seems kind of like an obvious ploy for radio play (since the song is, after all, about a Christian D.J.), but it's not bad.

Overall, this is good stuff - fine, clean acoustic guitar arrangements with slick drums and strong bass. A few musical surprises, like sitar, Farsifa organ and congas, pop up in the mix now and then, but it's all even-handed, a tasty stew that's not too spicy.