Grace Notes
By Victoria Moon

Hi, all! It's that time again, and I want to start off with a brief apology. After begging musicians to let me in on their musical plans in the last column, I didn't get my email address in there correctly! So for all those who tried to get in contact with me but couldn't, I apologize and give you my honest-and-truly real email address sans mistakes:

Again, I hope to hear from you this month! Keep me posted on what's going on with you or your band and I promise to get it into the column. I would especially appreciate any concert dates from local bands - remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity!

Though it's true that one of my favorite CCM 'zines,Visions of Gray, was deep-sixed a while back, you just can't keep those boys (and girls) at gray dot, inc. in Marietta, GA down. A recent visit to the Wellspring Christian Bookstore here in Louisville turned up a copy ofThe Wide World of dot, the new publication from gray dot. It is free, just asVisions of Gray was, and much more focused on the label itself. While I missed the reviews and insightful interviews with the best of Christian artists, this is still worth picking up just to check out what this quirky and innovative label is doing.

Bands signed to gray dot and its sister label BulletProof Music include ska greatsThe Supertones, sundays child, Breakfast With Amy, L.S. Underground, BumblePuppy andSpeck.

In other news, it could possibly be worth a road trip to Landmark Baptist Temple in Evendale, Ohio on February 14 to check out the "Invention Tour" with guitar greatsPhil Keaggy, Wes King andScott Dente. Also along for the ride will beChristine Dente, Scott's wife. Scott and Christine will be opening this sure-to-be-good concert. If you're up for a road trip, make sure to stop by (and get me another copy of theInvention CD, will ya? My brother borrowed mine and is holding it hostage!)

In March, look for a new release from the recently revampedNewsboys. SinceJohn James has left the band,Peter Furler will be taking over as frontman and former percussionistDuncan Phillips will be taking over on drums. They will be starting their national tour in September, so keep an eye out because the boys from Down Under always put on a great show here in Louisville!

Okay, here's some "How well do you know Christian music" trivia: Does anyone out there rememberScaterd Few? Or its controversial front man,Ramald Domkus? Well, they're baaaack! Domkus (who now goes by his given name,Allan Aguirre) has been in a band calledSpy Glass Blue that until recently was signed with Organic Records. Scaterd Few, however, is still kickin' and will be putting out a new release in May.

And speaking of nostalgia,KMG will be re-releasing some of Frontline's groundbreaking albums beginning in March. This series will feature the 2 albums on one CD and will retail for $12.99.

If you missed the Altar Boys the first time, now's your chance to find out that former Altar Boys front manBob Carlisle had a mohawk before he even thought of "Butterfly Kisses"!

Fans ofDime Store Prophets andDryve are in for a bit of disappointment: DSP played their last show on January 3 and Dryve has announced its breakup as well due to the departure of its lead singer,Paul Donovan, who plans to pursue a career in country music.

Well, that's it for the month of February. Please email me with any concert schedules, band news, etc. from any local Christian acts or coffee houses for March and I promise to get them in here next month!