7" (Noise Pollution)

By Brent Starkey

Another fine Louisville underground release. Itchhouse is Evan Bailey, Amelya Luckett, Carry Neumayer, and Kelly Scullin. This 7" is four songs of pure indie-rock, complete with lots of female vocals (shades of the late Drinking Woman). "Four" is a short and sweet ease into the proceedings. "A Pretty Girl" features some angry, bitter, spoken vocals; "Switch" and "12:01" round things out on the B-side. I may be wrong, but I believe Evan (who plays drums here) was in Feverpitch and Kelly was in Litmus (which Itchhouse resembles at times), which gives this an interesting background as well. I don't know if this is one-off 7" or a band playing out, but it'll be interesting to see how Itchhouse progresses from here. Good job.