News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

By Laura Spalding

What's up pit people! Read on. . . . . . .

Hope everyone caught some of the killer metal shows that went on around these parts in the month of January. Here's the lowdown. . . . .

N January 15 - The mighty Pantera, Anthrax . . . and Skid Row!? - Check out my review in this issue.

January 16 and 17 - The "Heavy Metal Blowout" at Bulls Eyes, which featured Faceplant, E-Flat, Inhuman, Flaw, Contortion, Shapeless Matrix and Luther - an awesome weekend of three nights in a row of heavy music. That's what I'm talking about. Also, the diversity of the styles of metal was cool to hear. Hope to see more shows like this one.

N January 27 - Flaw, Point of Anger, and Faceplant at the Toy Tiger gave us a much needed middle-of-the-week dose of metal.

Here are some upcoming shows to take note of

N February 14 - Take your sweetie to a Valentine's night metal-fest with Luther (from Glasgow), Inhuman and Sick World (from West Virginia) at The Firehouse in Richmond, Kentucky.

N February 27 & 28 - another metal blowout at Bulls Eyes - Faceplant, Inhuman, Incursion and other bands to be announced. Be on the look out for that one.

N February 17 - The Brewery brings longtime metal gods - minus singer Rob Halford - Judas Priest. This should be a good show. I'm anxious to hear the new vocalist. I hear he's as close to Halford's sound as it gets.

N Andrew McAllister and Kevin Hart (formerly of Creed/Fail to Thrive) are looking for a bassist and a drummer to form an original band. They would also be interested in other offers. Call Andrew at Showcase Music at 634-8010.

N That's all the news from me for this month, dudes and dudettes! I just want to remind all local metal bands that if there is any information that you would like to have mentioned in the Pit News, such as upcoming show dates, bios, member changes or tapes or CDs to be reviewed, please send it (or them) to: Pit News, Louisville Music News, P. O. Box 148, Pewee Valley, KY. 40056.

Please send show dates as far in advance as possible. I will be glad to write about any metal news in the column, but you gotta send it to me to let me know. If I don't know about it then I can'twrite about it, so send it in, please. Thanks a bunch!

Support metal! - I'm outie - see ya in the pit!