From the Underground and Below(CMC International)

By Laura Spalding

Overkill has been in the business of making metal music for over ten years now and that experience shows on this latest release. There is really nothing new here, but what is on the new CD is definitely worth listening to.

The CD starts out with the chugging, heavy sound of "It Lives," then goes into "Save Me," that mixes acoustic and electric sounds. Also, the breakdown in the middle of the song emphasizes the instantly recognizable style of long time bassist D. D. Verni.

The heaviness continues with "Long Time Dyin'," then slows down a bit with the eerie sound of "Half Past Dead." The heaviness picks back up again on "F.U.C.T.," which has a death metal feel to it, then goes into "The Rip 'n' Tear," which has some impressive work from guitarists Sebastian Marino and Joe Comeau.

Overall, this CD is a killer, heavy listen and would please any metal fan. The only flaw is the song "Promises," which is a cheesy ballad. Where did Overkill come up with this song?! That's not to say a metal band can't have a slow song or two, but this tune just doesn't work. Overkill should stick to what they do best - hard, fast metal! If you're a fan of metal, this CD is a good buy - just fast forward when you get to the ballad.