This very autobiographical CD by northern Indiana singer-songwriter Leonardo was inspired by the post WWII, all-steel Lustron home, made in Columbus, OH. The Lustron was a failure, but Leonardo's second CD works pretty well. "Local Legend" is the stand-out tune and every musician who ever dreamed of the big time will be able to relate to it. "

Available-.through DuncDisc, P. O. Box 312,. Beverly Shores, IN 46301.

This is the Trip (Arista Austin)

Sister 7

Trip rock at its fittest. Put it on for your next low-light party and ride the groove. I caught this foursome at Snagilwet (Tewligans) about 1992, playing as Little Sister and thought then that they were terrific. In the interim, they stayed together long enough to get a record deal with Arista Austin. The singer, Patrice Pike, has the requisite pipes; the rest of the ensemble is as solid as the Dead. Put this one in the keeper pile.

Seconds Flat (Green Litmet/Red Bird)

Seconds Flat

Alterna-country twang rockers with good tunes, Seconds Flat has been getting airplay with "The Good Life." Mining the territory marked out by bands like The Backsliders, the Bottle Rockets and Dogs in Heaven, Seconds Flat details working, class concerns, trailer park love and the lunatic underside of Southern machismo in "Walk Away." Make a note of this band, they'll be around in one form or another for a while.