News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Happy New Year Metalheads! Here's to another year of loud and heavy music! Read on, Read on. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Check out some of these killer shows coming our way in the month of January!!

*January 10 - Megadeth at Bogart's in Cincinnati - definitely worth the drive!!

*January 15th - Pantera and Anthrax at Louisville Gardens - two awesome bands on one bill - sounds like my cup of tea!!

*Check out the local metal that's lined up for January:

*January 2 and 3 - Inhuman and Battery (a Metallica tribute band) at the Toy Tiger - you know where it is!

*Attention! Attention! Make sure you mark these dates on your calender - if you're a real metal fan - you don't want to miss this show on January 16 and 17. It's a "Heavy Metal Blowout" at Bullseye's. The band lineup is: Friday, January 16 - Inhuman, Faceplant, E-Flat, and Flaw. Then, Saturday, January 17 - Shapeless Matrix, Inhuman, Luther (from Glasgow), and Contortion. On both nights, the show starts at 9:00, admission is four bucks. That's seven of the heaviest bands around these parts: I highly recommend going both nights!!

Come join the Pit!

*I've got a couple of CD reviews in this issue - check 'em out!

Well, that's all for me this time around. Remember - support local metal! See ya in the pit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . !

Local band tape review -

Futurekill (Independent)

Heavy, straight ahead, in your face metal. That pretty much describes this release from Louisville band Inhuman.

This seven-song tape starts out loud with "Lightening Wars" which has a heavy groove and cool macabre growls. Also, I like the slow breakdown midway through the song - it just builds back up and kicks you in the face!

The second song, "Pronounced Dead," is a tale about someone looking down at his/her body - dead in an emergency room.

The next two songs are my picks of the bunch - "Perpetual Insanity," which features kick butt drum and bass work and this cool line: "There was a time when I was free, no mental chains were holding me. "

Then comes "The Hulk," which is about the T. V. character The Incredible Hulk. This one's got a lot of crunch and features excellent guitar work, especially the eerie sounding solo!

The tape continues through "U. N. O. D.," "Crash-n-Burn" - which is definitely "slammin' in the pit" kind of music, then ends with "Black Earth. "

Inhuman has quite a few shows under their belts, and that experience shows on this recording. If straight ahead metal that's raw and in your face is what gets you off - go get Futurekill - but be prepared if you sudenly get the urge to start a mosh pit - no matter where you are!

(Futurekill is available at local music stores, including Showcase Music. You can also get it after the band's shows. )