Where You Can Hear Local Music

By Paul Moffett

The sad fact for local recording artists is that while almost any local band or performer can now record and release a CD, getting it played on any broadcast or narrowcast medium is difficult. Without "airplay," the artists are generally limited to selling their recordings at their shows, as most people will not buy music they have not heard.

Over the last few years in Louisville, there have been intermitent efforts to establish a local music show on this or that radio or television station. These programs come and go, sometimes lasting only a few months, occasionally continuing for years. Seldom are local CDs put into regular rotation, although it happens occasionally, particularly on public radio stations, which tend to be the stattions of last resort for music-loving "on air personalities," i.e., disc jockeys of the kind Boomers remember so fondly.

With the proliferation of both potential outlets and local CDs, however, this situation is changing, albeit slowly. With the addition of WRVG FM 89.9 in Georgetown, the public radio choices have increased, at least for the eastern ends of Jefferson County and with the increased dominance of the "big players" in the commercial radio market, the smaller stations are somewhat more willing to play local records.

On television, the situation is more complicated. Regular broadcast stations seldom feature music programs, having ceded that format to cable, with the exception of PBS stations, which continue to broadcast music shows and even occasional local music programming. Currently, KET is set to broadcast its new "No Cover" series. (See accompanying sidebar).

What follows is an overview of places where you can hear local music.



WFPK The New 92. (91.9 FM)

Plays local recordings in occasional and regular rotation, on these shows: "Morning Music with Dan Reed" (6-10 a.m.); "Jazz with Phil Bailey" (Noon-3 p.m) "Afternoon Music with Leslie Stewart" (3-6 p.m.) Saturdays: Cary B. Willis (8 a.m. - Noon), "Roots and Boots with Michael Young" (5-6p.m.) "Saturday Night Blues Party with Scott Mullins" (9p.m.-Mid) Sundays: "CrissCross with Leslie Stewart" (9-11a.m.); "Dick Sisto's Inner Ear" ( 11 a..m- Noon) Berk Bryant's "Sunday Bluegrass" (8-11p.m.)

WKHW The Hawk 98.9 FM

Starting in July on Sunday evenings, from 10-10:30 p.m. J. P. Mattingly's "Trax" will play local country music . 968-3910

WLRS 102.3 FM

The Sunday night local music show (midnight - 1 a.m.) is currently being overhauled, according to program director Dennis Dillon. Plans are to have it back on the air shortly, but no date has been set.

WQMF 95.7 FM

The "Sunday Night Blues" show, from 10 p.m. - Midnight, was started by the late Jim Rosen and still features recordings from local blues groups.

WTFX The Fox 100.5 FM

Every Monday night, from Midnight to 1 a.m. is the "Unsigned Prime Time" show with Keith Alone. "Unsigned" is defined as not signed to a major label. Alone occasional plays local product from indie labels like Initial Records. The station also sponsors "Unsigned Prime Time Live" at the Toy Tiger on Tuesdays.

During the day, the station plays five or six songs from local bands in regular rotation. Currently, songs from Cooler, Cornbread Mafia, Superface, Like 60 and Superfuzz are being aired. On Sundays, Chris Allman hosts the "Detour" show from 8 - 10 p.m. and plays some local material. Frank Black's "Attitude Network" covers local metal. The request line at the Fox is 571-1005.'

WKXF AM 1600

This 5,000 watt station in Eminence can be heard in the eastern edges of Jefferson County and, on a good day, as far west as I-65. The station's format is bluegrass and county. Station owner and music director Dave Marcum says the station will put local product in regular rotation.


By Mary C. Smith

WRFL - 88.1 FM

The campus station at UK intersperses local/regional stuff into the daily line-up and has a local show on Saturday afternoons, from 3-6. This is subject to change at the whim of the current Program Director.

Z-103, 103.3 F.M.

The commercial alternative station - Freak Daddy has a live show on Sunday nights, the "Starlight Lounge," featuring in-house performances, from 9-10 p.m. He also has a local slot on his morning drive "Freak Show," at 9:05 a.m., when he plays some cuts, hosts live interviews and reads the local calendar.

WRVG - 89.9 FM

Georgetown College's new station, affliated with the World Radio network and labeled AAA format for reporting purposes only. They are very receptive to playing anything and toss local and regional originals into the entire day's programming. Tom Martin has even played some stuff on his syndicated network show. No specific time or show, just great music all the time.

WUKY - 91.3 FM (NPR/PRI)

Occcasionally, Nick Lawrence will feature local musicians, live, on his show, "Curtains At 8," Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8-9 p.m. This is a talky, arts-oriented live show, with an eclectic mix of guests. No specific schedule for local/regional music.

WKQQ - 100.1

Classic rock - sporadically airs "Local Live" at midnights, most Sundays. The host "Insomiac" tapes the shows on the preceeding Tuesdays at Wakefire Studios, in Nicholasville - usually an hour of live performances and general horsing around.

Elizabethtown Radio

Star 101.5 WRZI Music Director and "radio god" Brian Walker said that the station is open to unsigned bands and indie product, both local and national. The station is a Gavin reporting station. Star 101.5's sister station, Star Country 106.3 WKMO, is formatted current hot country and "takes fewer chances" with non-major product. "Walker Wake-Up Show" 6 a.m - 10 a.m.



WDRB 41 - Fridays, during the 10 p.m. newscast, Dick Irby's "Music Beat" features local music and musicians.

KET2 Channel 15 - "No Cover," July 6, 13, 20, 27 (Mondays) 10 p.m. A series taped in Lexington and Louisville. See the No Cover story in the sidebar.

Cable / Intermedia Channel 14/18

Louisville Music News - Saturdays, 7:30 p.m. Features interviews, live performances, videos and news.

Jim Snyder's Writer's Night - Fridays, 9:30 p.m. - New music, conversations, local artists.

Tommy Thompson's Kentucky Songwriters -