This Road Of Music

By Alan Rhody

Thunderstorms, hail, flooding, high temperatures, yes, summer's rolling right along. The Bulls won. Mark McGwire is right on schedule to shatter the seasonal home run record held by Roger Maris. Here in Music City, Fan Fair did its thing back in June with Billy Ray Cyrus stealing the fan-voted awards show. What does this mean? The fans still love him, but radio doesn't?

On the heels of Fan Fair was the Chet Atkins Musicians Days, a week-long event, which is rapidly becoming one of the coolest things in Nashville all year, focusing on the musicians and education. It included many free events, nothing but top notch players and singers. Some of the many featured this year (June 27-28) were Brent Mason, Anita Cochran, Mark Knopfler, Glen Worf, Paul Franklin, Kris Kristofferson and on and on.

And while publishers hustle for the next whoever single, which is worth quite a lot these days, the have-nots hustle for whatever they can get.

Life goes on. The tobacco wars, the abortion wars, the war on violence (excuse me?), the war on drugs? Right. The war on freedom?

Sorry I got sidetracked there. What I was getting around to is that music keeps me sane. It lets me go to another place where I'm really in charge or at least in charge after the touch of the one who gives me the ability and urge to make the music.

In Louisville, the Twice Told Coffee House is having its 2nd Anniversary Party and Show. It features as many people as possible who've performed there in the first two years of the music and food based cafe. And it's FREE!

There's also Kentucky Music Weekend and Kentucky Music Week happening, God willin' and the creek don't rise and the sponsorship comes through. Louisville should be proud of this festival, which happens at the end of every July. Though it is low-key and free to the public, KMI brings the real thing to Louisville in the way of traditional music, be it hurdy gurdy, hammered dulcimer, lap dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, or fiddle, not to mention the vocalists involved.

Yes summer is good. Be happy we have it. Make the most of it and the music whether you're a listener or a player. But most of all, enjoy it.