News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hail to all people of the Pit!! Read on... read on . . .

 Hope everyone caught some of the recent shows at The Toy Tiger, including the godfather of metal, Ronnie James Dio and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. They were both kickin' shows. Please see my reviews in this issue.

 Lots o' metal and heavy music went on around these parts in the month of June. Here's the lowdown:

 June 6 at The Brewery was metal for a good cause: Faceplant, Flaw, Shapeless Matrix and Unrule got together to play some heavy music and raise money for The Crusade for Children.

 June 19 was another heavy show at The Brewery, featuring My Own Victim and Flaw.

 June 23 featured Noize Bucket -formerly Dancin' with Manson and now a three piece - along with Cornbread Mafia for "Unsigned Prime Time Live" at the Toy Tiger. Thanks to Perry and all at the Tiger for such great support of local and signed metal/hard rock bands!

 OK dudes and dudettes, here are some upcoming shows for July - don't miss 'em.

 Definitely don't miss this one: Megadeth at The Brewery on July 24 we've been waiting for this one, Louisville Metal Heads!

 Faceplant, Flaw and Cut Love Kill will play July 8!

 Also for all the thrash/death metal fans Six Feet Under -which features lead growler-Chris Barnes-formerly of Cannibal Corpse-will be at The Toy Tiger on July 22nd.

Don't miss this show-talk about heavy-this is some VERY heavy stuff!

 Hope everyone's been tuning in to "The Attitude Network" on 100.5 The Fox. ALL styles of metal are played here!

Attention bands -again-if you would like your music played on the show or any news, upcoming shows, etc.mentioned in "The Local Underground Report"-please mail CDS or DAT-to Eddy Metal at 4006 South 5th Street, Louisville, Ky.40214.

 Also-again-if you want any news, upcoming shows, reviews, etc, to be put in this column-please mail any information, tapes, or CDS to Attn News from the Pit-Louisville Music News, P.O. Box 148, Louisville, Ky.40056-I'll be glad to include it in the "News from the Pit".

 You gotta get the new Slayer CD-"Diabolus in Musica"-it is unbelievable!-please look for a review in an upcoming issue.

Well folks-I'm outie for now-remember support local metal-see ya next time!