Ball One - The International Rockers Hard Music Ball / Compilation CD (SB Productions)
Various Artists

By Laura Spalding

Compilation CDs are often a good thing because there is such variety in the mix of music. This recent release, produced by David LaDuke, who also puts out the Ball Buster Hard Music Report, is a winner.

The CD is as chock full of all styles of heavy music -- over 70 minutes -- as is the magazine. It starts out with a cool but fast tune by David LaDuke called "Psychedelic Sandwich." Then comes a very heavy, bluesy instrumental, "Which Way To People," by Isolation Chamber.

Again, there is much variety of styles on this CD. For instance, Naro's "Joke's on You" is heavy in a sense but on the other hand has somewhat of a 50's-60's(?!) vibe to it. Then, if you switch to "Captive Pleading" by Compression, it's very heavy and raw, with a punk feel to it.

While the CD features a lot of hard music with an older eighties feel from such bands as Naro, the Yardbirds Experience and Hilljack, there is also plenty of music with more of a modern sound, including progressive metal and punk stylings from Compression, Keegan, Mystic Force, Hanover Fist and Loudshine.

If you're a fan of heavy music of all styles, pick up Ball One; you will definitely find something to your liking here.