Banana Man (1997, Tooth & Nail Records

Ghoti Hook

By Victoria Moon

Ghoti Hook's new release Banana Man joins the unusual and definitely quirky realm of Christian skate music. Bands like MxPx started the trend of very loud, very simplistic punk rock with positive lyrics, and generally if you like skateboards, you are going to like this stuff. In just one album, Ghoti Hook covers subjects as diverse as a guy who dresses like a banana, a box, cowboys, Food Lion, child abuse, God, long distance relationships, and bike-love. The fun, loud punk rock is interspersed with sound bites from movies like "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" and "Coming to America" as well as clips from TV's "In Living Color" and an admonition from one of the band members to get a song going when the guitarist hangs on a chord a little too long. Though the lyrics are simplistic and deal with simplistic, often adolescent themes, it fits with the music perfectly and with who the band is and who their audience is. "Banana Man" is not the intellectual masterpiece some may demand from their music, but it sure is a lot of fun--even for those who don't ride skateboards.