Grace Notes
By Victoria Moon

Not that I would mind being proven wrong, but let's"face it: things just don't start to warmup until May or so. Unless, of course, you live in CCM-land, where things have been warming up for a while, with surprising industry news, hints of a new mega album coming from CCM's own megaband and some nifty concerts happening right here in Louisville.

Let's take that surprising bit of industry news as an example. Terry Taylor, who long-time CCM fans will recognize as front man for such bands as DA and the Swirling Eddies (a personal favorite), as well as part of the critically acclaimed quartet that made up the Lost Dogs, has signed on KMG Records as their A&R management.

This means A) that someone with great taste has just received signing power for a major player in CCM and B) that all those rumors of DA re-releases are probably true. Both of these things give CCM fans great reasons to celebrate.

And then there's all those new March releases: The Browbeats, a compilation CD from seven Christian alternative bands, and new projects from Cordola, Elder, and Crooked Smile. Also coming out this month for rap and hip-hop fans in Rhymes Monumental, an East Coast rap compilation CD. Besides all that, fans of the band Mortal, who introduced the genre of techno-industrial to Christian music, and Mad At The World, a much-loved but little-promoted alternative band from the early days of Christian alternative, are releasing greatest hits projects this month. Catch them before they're collectors' items.

But wait!!! That's not all: CCM supergroup 'dc Talk has announced that. their newest project, Supernatural, will be released in September of this year. For all those dc Talk fans who just can't wait that long, though, you can pick up their single "My Will" on a Rocketown Records compilation disc that has a May release date scheduled.

As far as this little town, we have a few concerts this month that could go a long way towards warming things up. On the top of my list is the Audio Adrenalinc/Supertones/Jennifcr Knapp show coming to Louisville Gardens on March 12. The tickets for that show are $14 in advance, $17 at the door,'so get them while they're still cheap. Tickets info can be had at your friendly local Christian book store. The other show to watch for this month is Kathy Triccoli and Jonathan Pierce appearing at Evangel Christian Life Center on March 20. This show is also part of the WJIE Share-a-thon, so you can go to the show knowing you'll hear a couple of great voices and support a good cause as well. Call 361-3100 for more information about that show.

Of course, not all news can always be good, so it is with regret that, according to one of my loyal readers (now I know I have at least one!!) Expressions of the Heart in Indiana no longer deals in used CCM CDs. Sorry, guys, but not all good things can last, I guess.

If you haven't checked out the lineup at Jonah's Java recently, you are missing out on some great music. Last month, I had the pleasure of hearing No Shades of Gray, a great band hailing from the local Kentucky area. National act 3 Car Pileup showed up last month as well, so make sure you take some time out of your busy schedule to head down there some Friday and take advantage of the great music Jonah's has to offer. They are in the middle of their annual fund drive right now, so if you have appreciated the music they've brought in to Louisville for an amazingly cheap price, show it by sending some pocket change their way. Jonah's address is:

Jonah's Java Cafe

c/o Calvary Assembly of God

4049 S. 5th St.

Louisville, KY 40214

For fans of national acts Vigilantes of Love and Harrod and Funck, I got some news for ya. Vigilantes of Love has a new album recorded and mixed, and the buzz going around from those who have been fortunate enough to hear it is that this is very good stuff. Unfortunately, as often happens for bands like VoL, they have gone into personal debt to finish recording and mixing the album, so they need to raise a bit of cash to get the thing mastered and pressed. In order to do this, they are selling special prerelease copies of the album that will have a bit of extra music and special cover artwork. Only about 1,000 of these will be made, so if you are interested in buying what is sure to be a collector's item, e-mail and let Joe Kirk know you're interested. As the deadline on this verytight, e-mail him SOON.

Also, fans of independent alternative folk band Harrod and Funck will be interested to know how to get their hands on one of those hard-to-find H & F discs. Well, I got the scoop straight front Jason Harrod himself. Send $15 per disc or $11 per tape to:

Harrod and Funck

P.O. Box 440402 S

Somerville, MA 02144

For those of you who haven't yet heard this great indie band, "Simon & Garfunkel on drugs" is Jason's favorite description of their music.

Finally, for any interested DJ's, dance or hip-hop artists, polish up your acts and send a bio, demo, and pastoral letter of recommendation to:

Phillip Kim

N'Soul Records

20958 Nordhoff St.

Chatsworth, CA 91311

If he likes what he hears, you might be onstage at Cornerstone '98 at their dance/urban stage that is going on every night of the festival from 9pm-midnight. Cornerstone is the music festival in Christian music, so get those bios and tapes going..

One more thing. If you go see the movie Hard Rain and hear what sound like Jars of Clay's "Flood" playing as the credits toll, you aren't hearing things. The band's song was picked up and is featured in the film. Hey, it's not the first time CCM's gone Hollywood! (Re member "That Thing You -Do"'? Look closely and you'll see Rick Elias popping up in a lot of those songwriting credits!)

Okay, that's really it for this month. See you at the shows this month and remember: keep me posted about what your band is doing at Catch you in April.