News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey, all you wild & crazy people of the pit! Read on. . . read on . . .!

Here's the lowdown on the metal that went on 'round these parts in the past month. Whew! Hope you could catch it all!

The Toy Tiger has been on with the metal shows here lately early February featured Luther and Temple Hill. Glasgow-based Luther has been playing more around Louisville recently. They are definitely worth checking out. They are a heavy band & they kick butt big time, so if you get the chance, go see 'em.

Shapeless Matrix and Incursion played an impressive show to a crowded house at the Tiger on February 10.

The following night, February 11, at the Tiger The Miller Genuine Draft Music Showcase featured Infringe and another band, Contagious, from Lexington. This show had originally been scheduled for the previous week but was moved up and doubled up due to the onslaught of snow that came down on us.

Another kick-butt show that went on in the month of February was at The Firehouse in Richmond, Kentucky on Valentine's Day. The show featured Luther, Inhuman and Sick World. Sick World, from West Virginia, is another killer band that you should definitely check out if you get the chance. They have a heavy, in-your-face sound. They did a cool, thrashy version of INXS' "Devil Inside."

Hope everyone got to check out another metal blowout at Bulls Eye's-which happened at the end of the month more details on that one later.

Definitely hope everyone got to check out the legendary Judas Priest at The Brewery on February 17! Excellent show and I got to meet the band. I first saw them 1979, when I was just a youngster and they were opening for Kiss. They opened the doors for other metal bands to follow in their footsteps. Nice bunch of guys no egos going on. Please see my review in this issue.

Some quickie news for ya:

Mark your calendar for this upcoming show: March 10 at the Toy Tiger Inhuman, Point of Anger and Shapeless Matrix. Be there!!!!

Old Mindstorm fans, take note. Dave, Jason, Rock and James have rejoined to form 12-Gauge Mellow. It's much heavier & much cooler says Jason.

New recorded material should be out in July or August and shows starting in April. Keep an eye out for that. Also, phone "The Metal Pit" on 100.5 The Fox and request 12 Gauge Mellow, as well as all local metal bands. Do it!

Be watching for a band from Indianapolis called Odyssey. They recently opened for Judas Priest at The Murat Center Egyptian Room in Indianapolis and, hopefully, will be playing some shows in our area.

I'm out of here for now - remember, support local metal - see ya in the pit!!!!!!