Plumb (1997, Essential Records

By Victoria Moon

If contemporary Christian music isn't known for its innovation, it is notorious for its replication. When this little nobody named Alanis Morissette suddenly sold a bazillion albums, the industrious A&R guys in CCM-land went looking for the Christian version of Morrisette, and the search for the Christian grrl singer was born. While the industry tried hard to squeeze not-quite-there performers like Rebecca St. James into the mold, Plumb secretly crept up and released their debut album. Plumb, fronted by lead singer/writer Tiffany Arbuckle, is worthy of all the hype and more. Their lyrics are unflinching and honest, their music is right on the cutting edge of modern rock and the band is--dare I say--unique. A mix of industrial dance music, heavy rock guitar and Arbuckle's voice moving from whispers to yells is refreshing and highly listenable. This band, which has already hit the Louisville area twice (including one opening date for producer Dan Haseltine's band, Jars of Clay), will not be the best-kept secret in Christian music for long.

And meanwhile, just a little hint to those A&R guys: quit looking for the next Alanis. You just may have found something better in Plumb.