Seven Day Jesus (Forefront)
Seven Day Jesus

By Victoria Moon

As mainstream contemporary Christian music finally acknowledges that those pesky grunge bands of the early Nineties and the alternative music explosion they started aren't going to just go away, they have started signing bands that keep pushing the edges of Christian pop farther and farther out into left field. DC Talk has made the smooth transition from corny rap to sophisticated rock, Jars of Clay and Caedmon's Call have redefined the boundaries of what a Christian band can be, and bands like Seven Day Jesus are suddenly overwhelmed by the fact that they no longer have to keep day jobs to keep playing their music. Seven Day Jesus, a 4-member band made up of Brian McSweeney, Kevin Adkins, Chris Beaty and Russ Fox, are a tight-sounding modern rock band that smacks of the influences of PFR, the occasional Monkees harmony, and lots and lots of loud guitar. While the band does not yet have a sound that is totally unique, their harmonies and hook-laden melodies show a great deal of promise, and this radio-friendly band could easily gain cross-over interest. They are a welcome addition to Forefront, and based on this debut they should be around for quite a while.