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The Pennies

By Brent Starkey

A 4~song sonic blast from the soon-to-be-famous . . . Pennies. Jeremy Podgursky & Co. have released an e.p. that l'm assuming will act as a demo for bigger things. Mixing pop, indie~rock & sound scapes, the Pennies come up with a new brew of pop-noise. At times they sound like the Pixies with a dose of early Bowie & late Beatles . . . and it works! What breaks the Pennies apart from the indie-rock pack is Jeremy's expressive voice & great sense of melody. Of the 4 tunes here, "Lungsparks" & "Chinese Gasoline" (with it's refrain of "Pour on the gasoline & try to put the fire out") are standouts. l wasn't real wild about "Trim The reetops" (too much Sonic Youth — soundscape -- never ending delays for my taste), but everything else works fine, damn fine. This is soon to be a classic. You won't wanna miss out.