Cinderella at the Toy Tiger

By Laura Spalding

Cinderella, one of the "80's hair bands," recently played a sold-out show at the Toy Tiger.

It's been a while since the band played in Louisville, the last time being in the late eighties/early nineties, as best as I can recall.

As with so many other bands from this era, Cinderella faded out of the music scene for a while, but they're back full force.

Cinderella played an excellent show to an appreciative crowd. With lots of material to choose from, the band played their most known songs with much help from the crowd singing along.

Their set was over an hour and was more acoustic than electric. Tunes they included were "Comin' Home," "Night Songs," "Push, Push," "Don't Know What You Got (till it's gone)," "Nobody's Fool," "Hot & Bothered," "Gypsy Road" and, of course, the band's first big hit, "Shake Me."

Cinderella also included "The More Things Change (The More They Stay the Same). They hit that one right on the nose. Cinderella is still a good group of musicians making great music.

Cornbread Mafia and Hair of the Dog did a good job of warming up the crowd for Cinderella.