Grace Notes
By Victoria Moon

Ever have one of those months when you are so busy taking care of stuff that you don't even know what day it is? When there's so much going on simultaneously that there's no way you could possibly do it all, but you still try anyway? Sleep optional, that's what I call these kinds of months.

April was a sleep optional month for me. For example, there was the majorly cool Icthus fest going on in Wilmore, Kentucky the last weekend in April with Audio Adrenaline, Five Iron Frenzy, Carolyn Arends, Third Day, Supertones, Reality Check and All Star United just for a start and was I there? Could I go? Nooooo. Why? Because that same weekend was the opening of a new coffeehouse in the Highlands named Planet Why? with Yours Truly and a few other folks from Deer Park Baptist Church at the helm. Not that I really minded missing Icthus all that much, what with great local band Death Defying Leap and special guests Autumn Lee getting things underway, but there were moments when I wished I could be in two places at once. Planet Why? is (if I do say so myself) a cool little spot in the depths of Deer Park Baptist, with a main room for bands, another for poetry, another for couch potatoes/TV addicts and another for pool and other games. It's open on Saturday of the last weekend of every month, and we're lining up some great local bands to entertain, so don't miss out!

Oh, yeah--and then there was the Parking Lot Tour in the (big surprise here) parking lot of Wellspring Christian Bookstore with Eric Champion, Rich Young Ruler, Everybodyduck and Common Children. The show was FREE, so if you missed it, you have no excuse and must write "I will stop missing cool new bands to watch reruns of 'I Love Lucy'" seven zillion times.

I will now give you a chance to redeem yourself with a few shows in May, including the Rebecca St. James show at the Southern Baptist Seminary May 1. This is an outdoor event, so bring a picnic basket and a blanket! Tender Mercy will be at the Holy Ground Cafe in Louisville on May 16, and Crystal Lewis plus Avalon will be at Evangel Christian Life Center May 13. Speaking of Evangel, they have also opened a night spot with a Christian emphasis called Club J. Their opening event had local favorites Bride in attendance, so look for some great shows coming out of there!

Michael English and Aaron Jeoffrey will be in Lexington on May 14 and May 8 respectively, so if you're into mainstream CCM and don't mind a road trip, these two shows might just be your ticket.

Next month, save your change for Amy Grant at the Palace on June 9 (and I do mean save your change – tickets are running between $34 and $43 bucks!!). The Supertones will hit Lexington on June 18.

So ... there's more than enough to keep you busy as you start gearing up for summer. If you were one of the lucky ones who actually got to Icthus, e-mail me at and let me know all about it. See you in May!