News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Greetings to all people of the Pit! Read on.........

Hope everyone caught the Cinderella show at the Toy Tiger in early April. Please see my review in this issue.

Also, I hope everyone got to check out the Clutch/Sevendust show at the Brewery. Sevendust was quite impressive. If you don't have their debut CD just get it!!

Lots of metal shows went on during the past month or so, including a free show at the Tiger with My Own Victim, and Point of Anger, Incursion, and Infringe did an all-ages show at Primizie Pizza.

Attention! Attention! Definitely mark your calendars for this show, happening Derby Eve! Eight bands in one night Engrind, Faceplant, My Own Victim, Flaw, Point of Anger, Shapeless Matrix, Luther, and Cut Love Kill this show is a must for all metal heads be there!!

The show will be at P.J.'s, 4338 Taylor Boulevard. P.J.'s may well be the new mecca for metal in Louisville.

The club plans to feature metal bands every Friday and Saturday night. This support of local metal is fantastic, so make sure you head out to P.J.'s and check out these shows.

For more information or if your band is interested in booking a show, contact Ken Chouinard at 368 9911.

Inhuman is still in search of a drummer. For more information, contact Eddy at 367-2080.

Also a must for all metal heads the newest edition of Ball Buster "The Official International Underground Hard Music Report" Hard 4 states it's "the ball-z-est magazine on the planet," and that ain't no lie! This magazine, brought to us by David La Duke/Sinbad Productions, is awesome! If you want to know what's going on in heavy music, this is the 'zine to read. It's full of all kinds of information on all styles of metal, from death to industrial. Believe me it blows away all other heavy music magazines. You can get Ball Buster at Barnes & Nobles and New Age Gifts. Get it!

Also, check out Ball One: "The International Rockers Hard Music Ball" CD. It's a compilation CD featuring various metal bands and styles. I'll have a review for ya next month.

Well, dudes & dudettes that's all for me this time around. Support local metal!! Later....!