Red Beans and Rice
Eat Big

By Paul Moffett

Louisville already has a band called Red Beans & Rice, although now they only play reunions. This Red Beans and Rice is from Indianapolis, with a woman singer fronting the band. They play a groove-dominated R&B that doesn't stray very far from Fifties / Sixties-era blues and soul roots.

All ten tunes on CD are credited to the whole band and they sound like they were written and arranged by committee. There is some fairly interesting writing here and there, and it's clear that this group has firmly grasped the idea of writing short. This is not the case with most blues-based groups, so it's a plus. (No extended solos on the same five notes.) The melodies are generally more interesting than with most blues bands, although very similar riffs kick off most of the tunes.

RB&R just played at Stevie Ray's on April 1 & 2 and will be back in May. If you like R&B (as opposed to da blues), check them and this CD out.