Highway (Sacred Lilly)
The Buzz

By Al Ross

These Chi-town boys are kids, searchin for music to call they own. I mean, they gotta pretty fair handle on their axes, they gotta a head full of 'blues' music, but they not yet got enuff age and road under they wheels to really have 'da blues.'

So they climbing that ladder, mile at a time, giggin' in the usual funky dive joints and sweet money suburban nightclubs, where the girls get to play groupie in they mama's Volvo and drink white wine while the boys practice those licks some old bro fell down with years back. Not a bad life. It might even turn into some real music from they souls, sometime up or down that ladder.

Which is to say this disk ain't bad but it ain't Muddy and it ain't Luther and it definitely ain't SRV. We wanna know, guys, how you gonna stand out, standing in that same old ground what been plowed so any times that it's neck deep just to step in?

Maybe they figure it out in a coupla more records. Catch 'em live now, though, cause they come to Derby City pert reg'lar and you can dance to it.