Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

This column doesn't rhyme. It's probably not even funny. But...WOW!! How 'bout that October issue, eh? I couldn't contain myself! In case you didn't notice, (and nobody I talked to did), that was a real piece of Funky Cold Muffina!!! Next time you're really bored, pick it up, read it OUT LOUD, and dance!

Speaking of dancing, it must have been something in the chili. Chili cook-off, that is. A few Sundays ago, in the pouring rain. The annual Phoenix Hill Tavern thingie. Celebrity judges eating spoon after spoon of greasy, chunky concoctions prepared by strange men and women hanging out in a dirty parking lot. Most of 'em drunk, too. It was pretty fun. Of course, the rain brought everybody inside earlier than usual. Those restaurant people are wild ones, dontcha' know. I managed to score some adventure points in the form of newly acquired loot. Upon arriving home, I inventoried: two T-shirts, one pack of someone else's smokes, a twenty dollar bill, and a genuine pair of Krispy Creme boxer shorts. Still tagged.

Don't just sit there, busk a move, as in street musicians. So New York. So Venice Beach. So glad to see them in the Highlands. I don't always stop, I don't always tip, but still I admit I admire the grit. I guess a part of me secretly wants to sing on the street, but I'm afraid I'd get beat up or something. Chances are, the money ain't bad some days. I see 'em mostly between Twice Told and Heine Brothers. Usually guitar players dominate, but then there's that accordion guy! I didn't catch up with him or the bagpipe dude, but I spoke instead with David Lentz. David is one of the various picker/singers who perform in front of the Winn Dixie at the Mid City Mall.

At 46, he has a health problem that keeps him from working. One day, while buying groceries, he checked out a future fellow busker and decided that would be a great way to supplement his family's income. Seems he likes it, people like him, and nobody tries to beat him up. That's happy. He let me sing harmony with him on the Eagles tune "Lying Eyes."

Dedden's Highland Fling is officially up for sale. Those are sad words for some. Lois Dedden has been like family to many - including me. The little bar has hosted many a "reward day" where post-gig celebrations took place, and the infrequently changed video game has gobbled up quarters, from Mr. Do! to Bubble Bobble. Lois has been there almost 23 years, and you know she has stories to tell, if she's not too tired to tell them. What is she looking forward to? Sleep, sleep, sleep. So if she's happy, I'm happy. Get your fix while you still can - she's at 1359 Bardstown Road, as if you didn't know!

Mosey on down the road to Better Days Records with me. Now listen up, ye musical people! Do you realize that you can have a labeled, full color, shrink-wrapped compact disc of your own delicious original music for less than ten bucks? As a matter of fact, if you get a few duplications, they'll only cost around seven bucks each. Unlabeled? Just a copy? FIVE bucks. I think it's a great deal. Demos, presents ... use your create-a-brain for this one. One big advantage is being able to sell your CDs, take the profits and buy more, a little at a time. Beats the heck outta having 500 of them sitting in the kitchen. Ben Jones can help you out. Anyhow, Ben has more than a few creative customers. Cherub Scourge, Kirsten Williams, Speed Kills, Blacklisted and Kathleen's Dream have been making music. How about YOU?

Keep your eyes open for Pendulum. This new band is fronted by two most charismatic characters, Chad Guelda and Mike Walker. I first met them at Kiwi's. When Walker sang, everybody went crazy. These guys are full of positive high energy, and it's contagious. It's also impressive that Walker is six foot ten, while Chad is a mere six foot six. Tell me that won't look cool on stage. They've been doing their homework, too. Apparently, Chad takes guitar lessons from Doug, and Walker takes vocals from Kimmet. Why, that forms Kimmet and Doug! Good luck to them on their upcoming original project.

Thank you, ! Tom, David and Connie at Highland Computer. They enabled me to type this month. High-tech high-jinx, right here in the Mid-City. If your computer is sick, these folks can help. Right next to La Bamba restaurant.

(heart) Muffy . 485-9677.