Buzzclip - TheEnkindels
Buzzclip 2000 (Initial Records)
The Enkindels

By Brent Starkey

"Say It Ain't So " would be a great choice for a single, since all thealterna-kids might mistake it for that Pearl Jam hit and buy the s**tout of it. "Fly Trap Lair " has a cool Rolling Stones ( "FoolTo Cry ") sound to it (thanks to the keyboard) that makes it astandout. "State House " is repetitive and kinda dull, butthe CD ends on a snappy note with "Yo' Mony " (that bringsto mind ZZ Top - it might be the vocals). All in all, push meagain has that intangible indie rock thing going on that makes itnot my cup of beer.... but most likely yours, so drink up.

The "great white hope " of Louisville punk rock strikes with their latest CD, the 10-song punch of Buzzclip 2000. It's allhere - a bit of punk, a dash of hardcore, a splash of pop and somehard-driving rock. Tight musicianship (mostly courtesy of the twin guitar attack of Matthew Wieder and Matt Brown) and powerhouse songwriting nail this puppy to the X. My only complaint would be withsome seemingly tossed-off lyrics, like these to "Superego ": "New shirt, new shoes - yeah, yeah, yeah / fresh cut, fresh tat/ No I won't feel ugly like you. " The song is otherwise fine,but it's sometimes hard to get past the lyrics. That aside, it'll beinteresting to see how the rest of the world reacts to The Enkindels' K.O. punch. I hear they've signed to the big, evil, corporate major label ... now come the wolves.