Real Good Blooz-Rock

Up From Down Skies(E.P.S.)

As long as there's electricity, funky-fried Southern style blooz-rock will survive and thrive. Inherently American, yet universal in scope, this kind of music is beyond retro--it's timeless. People might chuckle when they hear 80's pop on the radio, but when they listen to classic albums by bands like the Allman Brothers or the Rolling Stones, it's serious--more sustenence than nostalgia.

El Roostars is a band that bears that brand. A spin through 'Up From Down Skies'

is easy and comfortable, like a favorite tie-dye, but repeated listens will dig major classic grooves into your psyche and you will be hooked. Before long you'll be turning your friends onto it like a drug.

There's a tangible sense of cameraderie and fun on this album--these are people who genuinely enjoy working with each other, and who's personalities enhance the overall effort. Lead singer Andy Brown is gruff and soulful, without rage or irony; he's a modern-day blues guy who turns the idiom to his advantage. Guitarist Eric Whorton is a smooth player who keeps it clean and uncluttered, as adept at warm acoustic

strumming as he is smoking, fuzzed-out leads. Michael Romanowski shades with B-3 like an artist, while bassist Charlie Bock and drummer Chris Burdett lock in the rhythm with verve and panache.

The more groove-laden rockers get first priority: "Winter's Welcome" bears the finger-poppin' strut of the Black Crowes, with a dynamic break down/build up in the middle reminiscent of "Frankenstein"; both 'Love' and 'Everything's on Fire' evoke the shaman spirit of the Doors; the latter part of the record is made up of slower, moodier acoustic numbers. Don't miss the excellent, unnamed song buried deep at the end of the disc (gotta love the hidden songs!).

Available at Underground Sounds and other fine local area music sellers