Powertrip (A&M)
Monster Magnet

By Laura Spalding

This latest CD from Monster Magnet is definitely heavy allright, but metal ain't all we got going on herel This C D shows how open this band is to letting different musical styles seep into their music.

Crop Circles" opens, followed by "Powertrip" and "Space Lord," which are all in a heavy grove, but then the music shifts gears a little and continues to do so throughout the C D. Influences from Kiss and Iron Butterfly to Southern Culture on the Skids are heard all over the music, in different songs, yet it's all these different things mixed together that Monster Magnet uses to create their own distinct sound.

Frontman Dave Wyndorf is quite the lyricist, writing insightful and eccentric lines like "I'm never gonna work another day in my life/ the gods told me to relax/ they said I'm gonna be fixed up right" from "Powertrip." And "Some people go to bed with Lucifer, then cry when they don't greet the day with God/I know life's a bummer, baby / But that's got precious little to do with me" from "Bummer," which is slow. heavy and sludgy.

The keyboards/ organ used in the song "See You In Hell" give the song a 7O~ish Doors kind of feel. Monster Magnet did a good job on this record. This is a CD that you can listen to every song without getting bored, because each song has a different sound but remains in a heavy vein of music. Pick up Powertrip. You won't be disappointed!