Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

Rhyme Time

"Is that a mirror?" (he slurred,with two red eyes) "'Coz I can see myself in your pants." He was talking to me, at the Outlook Inn. I'd never heard it before, so I laughed.

It was crudely refreshing, I took no offense,the intention was purely comedic. Or so I surmised from the look in the eyes of the many who heard him repeat it.

In back of Kiwi's Pub & Grub with a game of Chinese Checkers, I spoke with Ben Andrews about his offspring, Ramcat Records. He held the small black ball in hand, steady as two surgeons. He made his move, then proceeded to promote the Barbary Merchants.

This, his band, and at least two more were mentioned at the table. You can't be a quitter or you'll end up bitter when you start a record label.

Splatch has an album in the works, it's the second one for them. Hangin' outonabigol'boat I was talking to that red-headed drummer, Sam. See, the boat was the Belle and the cruise was hosted by Victor at the Doo Wop Shop. Not allowed to go fishin', I was drawn to musicians and musicians like to talk.

Whatever Will we do! We need a singer right away! Jason Schneider left the band but he says everything's okay. I'm glad they get along so well but isn't anybody on the skids? What can I do - I might have printed it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!

Jason told me a story but I've little room to spare. He was still with Whatever Will - they were gigging at the fair. The crowd rocked, a child plopped, Jason hopped, a cop balked, he spat on the cop, the cop said stop and the cow jumped over the moon.

Say what you wanna but Gordon's Iguana was missed when they went away. Now Phil and Joe are back with Scott (they met him in L.A.) GI is the current band - Attention! Let's take stock. When asked how they sound, they proudly resound it's..."Beer Rock."

Have you ever gone over to a friend's house to eat and the food just ain't no good? I mean the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed up and the chicken tastes like wood. Well, I have not, and I know that's a sloppy quote from the Sugar Hill Gang. But I got a short rhyme from another line when I answered my phone (it rang.)

In response to last month's column, I got a call about Cahoots. Seems they'll play your CD if you bring it in in a monkey suit. Okay, I made the suit part up, but they will play your band's stuff. At least for a tune or two - you know - if the diners don't throw up. Head cook Chris has a gaggle of female groupies who like his large orders. That's what I'm told...Now let's go down the road to Dundee - around the corner.

Tucked away beyond the Twig and Leaf, in Douglass Loop, Sits the Dundee Tavern - happy cozy - let's go find a scoop. My hunger led me to chef Vic and although I did not eat, he and bartender Charlie filled me up on their history.

Eight and half years, eight or nine owners, they've both been working there. First it was Gibbs, then Ringside, with Ali everywhere. But now you'll find they've acts to grind - here's a few of them : Shannon Lawson, Turley Richards, Jim Snyder and The Java Men. Check your local listings or submit a demo tape. Wednesday nights, the Ron Jones Trio might make you stay out late.

I liked Common Ground on the Louisville Music News t.v. show. Saturday nites at 7:30 (channel 18 / 70) Yo! Marie and Warren, just those two, they really fill a groove. Guitar and percussion, backin' up a voice on songs that make you move. See 'em at Twice Told Coffeeshop on October 18. Eight o'clock.

Anyway, my my time is up ..It's been a slice of heaven! Call me with your band info - 485-9677

(heart) Muffy