News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Greetings to all people of the Pit! LOTS of metal coming our way this month! Read on, read on . . .

P. J. 's Pub satisfies our appetite for metal this month-here's the rundown:

October 2 features Crone, Cut Love Kill and Rifle. Night two - October 3 - features Sick World, Apollo Strain, Unrule and Crone.

October 9 - the show will be Dump Gang.

October 23 - Look for Luther, Purple Jesus and Blacklisted.

October 24, it's Engrind and Workhorse.

October 31 will be a "Halloween Bash/Mindstorm Reunion." This is a big night folks -check it out- Mindstorm, Faceplant, Incursion, Abominant and Assisting Sorrow will ALL be jammin'. Be there!

Here's some upcoming dates happenin' at the Toy Tiger

October 2 - Neurotica, Flaw and Mudshine.

October 13 - Two Ton Groove and Month of Sundays on 100. 5 The Fox's "Unsigned Prime Time Live" October 14 - Kid Rock (?) I don't know about that one, but E-Flat is opening!

October 21 - The Kill and Ethyl.

October 27 - Inhuman and Evil Engine on 100. 5 The Fox's "Unsigned Prime Time Live"

October 28 - Fathom and Ethyl.

Here's a couple of shows going on at Bull's Eye Tavern:

October 9 - Unrule and other bands to be announced.

October 10 - Unrule, Inhuman and the debut of Krosmember from Rineyville, Kentucky.

Inhuman, Pownd and St. Heathen will be at The Millenium in Lexington on October 9.

Here's a couple of Spotlight shows for ya:

October 14 - Dokken will be at A1A in Lexington. If you can wait, Dokken will be in Louisville at Coyote's on October 20.

October 28 - The Firewater will be at The Mercury Paw.

An early Halloween bash, Hallo-palooza, is set for Saturday, Oct. 24 at the Fern Creek Community Center. Anti-Social, Psychopathy, the Slackers and Assisting Sorrow will do it. The bands organized this one, so give ‘em some support and try out your costume early!

Rumors abound - Gwar and Insane Clown Posse will be at Louisville Gardens on Halloween Eve. Better wear a raincoat to this one or just get splattered with Gwar goop and make it your Halloween costume!

Caught a couple of cool shows in September at P. J. 'S.

The weekend of September 4 and 5 featured Inhuman, Pownd, Snatch, Shapeless Matrix, Incursion and Psuedopoxy. Oddyssey from Indy and Engrind were also scheduled to play-but unfortunately those plans were stifled.

But I did get to listen to a three-song tape from Engrind - some good stuff here. "Gate Face" really kicks butt! For more info, write to Engrind, 1031 Berry Blvd., Louisville, Ky. 40215.

September 12 at P. J. 's featured Two Ton Groove, Noise Bucket and Engrind. Month of Sundays was also scheduled to play, but didn't. I heard that this show ended in somewhat of a riot. The cops came and everyone had to leave, all due to someone's uncool behavior. I wasn't there, but this kind of crap is one reason why clubs stop allowing bands to play and this is not a good thing to happen. So, everyone just needs to mosh, hang out and have fun! Can ya dig it? 'Nuff said!

Monster Magnet was at the Toy Tiger on September 22. Please check out my review of the show and the new CD in this issue.

That's all from me for this month. Check out as many of these shows that ya can. Looks like metal is taking over October in Louisville! See ya in the Pit!!