On The Sidewalks Of Bardstown Road

By Amanda Thompson

Welcome to the Bardstown Road strip in September. To quench your thirst for entertainment, you can roam up and down the road and check out the undying entertainment of the DMX gods, or hear another rendition of Van Morrisson's "Brown-Eyed Girl" by one of the many cover bands. Another option is to go out in search of the "lost" live music scene.

One little joint that definitely deserves a visit, is The Twice -Told Coffee Shop. Smack-dab in the middle of Guitar Emporium, Better Days and Doo-Wop, it's the perfect location to take advantage of live, original music. Singer-songwriter David LaMotte will perform there on September 9. Also, join Dan Gediman on the last Wednesday of every month for his Songwriter's Showcase. There's some really talented new artists displayed on these nights. Well-knowns 100 Acre Wood return on the September 22. This is sure to be a good time you shouldn't miss.

Across the street from Twice-Told is a little recluse called the Hideaway Saloon. This is the place to spend your Sunday night. The reason? Their weekly Bluegrass Jams. Don't let the lack of space scare you. It only adds to the down-to-earth intimacy that jam sessions (especially Bluegrass) are appeciated for. When the music ends on the stage, stick around for the floor circle jams. You never know who is going to end up playing.

Unfortunately, there's not too much (if anything) going on at the bigger clubs in the way of original local music. They just won't book the bands. Their excuse, though, is somewhat understandable: no one comes to the shows.

I know a lot of you have been frustrated and disenchanted with the way our music scene has been going lately, especially the artists who can't find any oppurtunities to showcase their skill. If you want to keep original music in the Highlands, you have to support original music in the Highlands. That means the establishments and the spectators. If not, you end up with cover bands. I know you have opinions on this subject, and I would love to hear them. So would the bands, bar owners and promotion companies. If not, tell them anyway. Let's try to make some efforts to improve the variety of music we are fed.

In other news, Splatch has been taking some time off to make member changes and work on their new CD. The new members are: John Paul Wright on percussion and Greg Acker on flute, saxophone and percussion. Splatch, a Highlands favorite, combines the sounds of classic jazz with a funky groove of their own. They'll be displaying their new sound soon, so keep your ears open.

My favorite pyros, Engine, will be releasing three 7-inch vinyls soon. Not surprisingly, they'll feature some terrific graphic art, but I hear that you have to buy all three to "get the big picture." They're also working on production of their CD, which is sure to be full of in-your-face experimental rock.

Guess that's it for me this month. By all means go see the shows that are available to you. Oh yeah, and although it can be highly exhausting, dancing is NOT hazardous to your health.