"An Evil Evening with Mercyful Fate"

By Eddy Metal

Two months had passed since I heard that one of my favorite bands, Mercyful Fate, was coming to Louisville for the first time. I have been a fan of the Swiss mettallers since 1984, so when August 18 rolled around; I was like a kid at Christmas! The wait was long, but well worth it!

King Diamond and the boys took over the stage at the Toy Tiger and ripped into "The Oath," followed by "Desecration of Souls" from the Don't Break the Oath album.

Tunes performed from the latest release, Dead Again, included the eleven-minute title track and "Midnight, the Banshee. " Mercyful Fate also played classic tunes such as "Come to the Sabbath" and "Melissa. "

The band was in excellent form and put on one helluva show for appreciative fans. The crowd was not large but very into the show. They seemed to enjoy the awesome twin guitar attack of Hank Sherman and newcomer Mike Wead, as well as great work from bassist Sharlee D'Angelo, and of course, last but not least - the demented madman King Diamond himself!

If you are a die hard metal fan - this is a show that you definitely should have been at! Period.