Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

As I began to consider tidbits for my new column, I soon realized that most of the info I am privy to is not printable; I'm talking gossipy, juicy, probably sue-worthy stuff Like "you know who" is going under, So-and-So bit each other's ...hard! Stuff like that. I will say that some drunk chick yanked my boxers down while I was trying to order a drink at the Backdoor last night. Who knows why. But, since it happened to ME, I can say it! Now, let's take a walk around the area.

¦ There's a new store called Mothership that has some cool stuff. I bought a choker and a bracelet there. Shiny, shiny. It's on Bardstown Road close to Highland Cycle. The owner Scott is really nice ‘n plugged in, so check it out.

¦ "Local" Music: Doug Dean, the fun-loving bartender/musician at the Hideaway Saloon, plays CDs of Louisville area bands on a regular basis, so you may want to take a listen - or, better yet, take him your CD. His current rotation includes Jim Dishman, Kathleen's Dream, Dewey and the Navigators, Muffy Panics and Dan Gediman, among others.

If you're a bluegrass fan, Sundays kick butt at the Hideaway. It's one of the few places to check out the real thing.

¦ Segue to Dedden's, where you can find Louisville music on Lois' jukebox. When the jukebox isn't being destroyed, that is. I'm told last month some guy slam-danced the box to make it stop skipping. He busted the glass and was skipped outta there, pronto! When treated nicely, though, jukeboxes can serve well as listening stations for unsigned bands. How's your jukebox?

¦ As a Derby season visitor from New York once said, Kiwi's Pub & Grub touts an "urbane" atmosphere he found nowhere else in Louisville. Since I do "Muffioky" there three nights a week, I can vouch for that. The place is fun. September marks the return of live music and something about "the wheel" of Sunset East fame. If you remember Sunset East, I'm sure you know what that means! The rest of youse gotta find out.

¦ Molly Malone's opened last month. I haven't been there yet, but everytime I ask someone about the place, they say it's CROWDED! Sounds like it's doing well.

¦ Down the street a bit is a newly remodeled Outlook Inn. It's not only lookin' good, but now serving food, as well as mean liquor on Sundays. Liquor laws have changed some, dontcha know.

¦ Travis Meeks is close to completing his new album, to be released in March. In case you're still wandering with me, we just walked up Payne Street to Distillery Sound Recording Studio. Will we find Days of the New? Although Travis announced he has gone solo, it seems this is not so. So who knows? He's busy, busy.

¦ By now you probably know that Jillian's is located where the Silo used to be, on Barret. I have experienced the cushy barstools and ambient lighting. I also spent about two million dollars one night playing high-tech games in the cool game room. It was fun. I'll write something about their live music as soon as I do more research. Meanwhile, I've still got some of them pesky game tokens floating around in my poker change.

¦ Here's a great story about Ben Schneider of 100 Acre Wood fame. Stop me if you've already heard it - I mean it WAS picked up by the Associated Press and all.... Ben got some balloons for his birthday in January. That's not all! He was feeling so frisky he decided to connect a note to them and send them off into the wide blue. The note he attached included this request: "If by some miracle this makes it to a foreign-speaking land, let me say: Que Pasa?" Actually, the whole note was really sweet. The idea, though ecologically incorrect, was sweet. But the sweetest of all came in postcard form on Friday, August 7. "Senor Ben, Hola!" is how Benita Esmeralda's letter began. The banana factory worker found his note in a balloon atop a banana leaf. She lives in Honduras. COOL, HUH?!

If it's on or about Bardstown Road, let me write about it. If it's goofy, juicy or fun, tell it to me. Call or fax me at 485-9677. Enjoy yourself!

(heart) Muffy