Songwriters In The Round at the Twice Told Coffeehouse


Turley Richards: Take that, evil record execs.
Tim Krekel:Wanna play harp on a hit song?
Alan Rhody: Eat your heart out, Delbert.
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Mickey Clark: Ever heard "She's Gone to L.A. Again"?

Louisville's version of the Million Dollar Quartet appeared at the Twice-Told Coffeehouse on Aug. 21. Performing in the round, the singer-songwriters let their tunes eloquently speak to the energetic listeners who had chosen them over the Friday-night entertainment at the Kentucky State Fair. The crowd's response said they were happy with their choice.

Native and adopted Louisville singer/songwriters Mickey Clark, Tim Krekel, Alan Rhody and Turley Richards showcased mostly self-penned songs but threw in a cover or two in the interest of fairness to outsiders. A combined list of hit songs written by the foursome would require more space than is available here.

There is talk of a reprise. Save me a seat, Rick.