Buck (Tattoo Records)


By Robert Gruber

Ah yes....yet another ska band. The fact that these guys allowed themselves to be photographed in what appear to be high school band uniforms only underscore the attendent theory that most ska bands are made up of nerds.

Nevertheless, this debut disc by Buck (produced by former PFR drummer Mark Nash) is pretty darned good. It's not depressing, that's for sure - play this stuff for the average Marilyn Manson fan and they'll shrivel up like vampires exposed to daylight. Including elements of Setzer-style swing ("Why Won't Josh Dance") doesn't hurt none and an edgy raw guitar sound ("A.D.D.") will bring out the headbanger in you. Best of all, though, this band loves Jesus Christ and expresses it throughout the ten songs on this disc. Fans of Five Iron Frenzy, the Insyderz and Big Dog Small Fence will admire the third wave ska purity of Buck, while others who don't like ska at all will say (as they are prone to do), "it all sounds the same to me". Oh well....