HEY! ALBUM - Marvelous 3
HEY! ALBUM (Elektra Entertainment Group)
Marvelous 3

By Brent Starkey

This CD started out as a surprise. Looking like quasi-punky indie rock, I expected anything but power-pop (anybody remember the RECORDS ?). The first few songs leap out with guitars ablaze and marvelous (ahem!) vocal harmonies ("You're So Yesterday,""Freak Of The Week,""Until You See,""Write It On Your Hand" - all potential hits). It's kind of weird that in '#27' they sing "She's got a pretty mod CD collection / in the glovebox of her car/ All the Blur and the Cure, and Oasis cases, tell me you get struck by stars," since both Blur and Oasis sprang to mind early on. But somewhere along the way, Marvelous 3 lose the power (in power-pop) and it all begins to sound weak and forgettable. Kind of like the zillion other bands that won't be around three years from now, after their initial hit single wears off. Then again the Records only put out a couple of LPs and you haven't heard of them either. Hmmm....could be a good bargain-bin find.