News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey, People of the Pit - what's up! Mucho metal coming our way for the month of April - yeah baby! Mark your calendars - you don't want to miss any of these shows! Also - got a little news & a couple of CD reviews. Read on - read on . . .

_ First - upcoming shows - some of these are heavier than others - but all are worth checking out.

__Important "Major Do Not Miss Show!" - listen up, pit people - 100. 5 The Fox's Attitude Network proudly presents "Unsigned Extreme II" - Friday and Saturday - April 16 and 17. Night #1 features: E-Flat, Kallus, Absolute Chaos, Dump Gang and Evil Engine #9. Night # 2 features - Luther, Inhuman, Encrypted Flesh, Abominant and Fleshtized, from Huntsville, Alabama.

If you attended the first "Unsigned Extreme," then you know that this night will also be filled with loud and heavy music from several awesome local bands! We definitely have a rising metal scene in Louisville - everyone should come out and show your support. More people going to the "Unsigned Extreme" shows means that we will continue to have these types of shows - which is great for the bands and the fans.

Oh yeah - before I lose myself - the show is happening at Shockers (formerly the Borderline), Louisville's newest place to hear metal. The address is 142 Outer Loop, between Old 3rd Street and New Cut Road. For more information call - (502) 368 - 4663. Doors open at 8 p. m., bands start at 8:30p. m. This is a 21- and over show only.

Next up - here are some other shows happening in April - check them out

__April 13 - Everlast, Galactic and Khaleel at Headliners Music Hall.

__April 14 - Second Coming at The Toy Tiger.

__April 16 - Inhuman and Crazy Train, also at the Tiger.

__April 19 - Moon Dog Mane - Toy Tiger - which features ex-members of Tesla - not death metal by far, but definitely some cool music!

__Another "DO NOT MISS SHOW" - April 21 at The Toy Tiger - Fear Factory, System of a Down, Hed(PE) and Spineshank. Be There!!!

_April 29 - Kid Rock, Stained and Flaw at Headliners Music Hall.

__Also, I heard news of Initial Records' second Krazy Fest, possibly happening May 21-23. Bands and locations to be announced. More news as I hear it.

__Hope everyone is aware of the new metal digs: Shockers, at 142 Outer Loop. Several local metal bands have played there in the past couple of months. Formerly The Borderline, Shockers is a cool place with a large stage, great lighting and sound and plenty of floor room for moshing! Definitely pay this club a visit.

__Again, be on the look out for new CDs from several local metal bands, as I know many have been working on new material.

__Hope everyone checked out Flaw at Headliners in March. They played with Econoline Crush and put on a heavy, heavy show. From what I hear, Flaw is to soon be signed - good luck to them!

__News Flash! - new CD out from the awesome Grip Inc. (Dave Lombardo) - entitled Solidify. I'll have a review for you in next month's issue!

Hey, now - that's all from me for this month. Everyone should get their butts to all of these killer metal shows happening in April - see ya in the Pit!!!!