Chase The Sun - Supertones
Chase the Sun (B.E.C. Recordings)
The O.C. Supertones

By Robert Gruber

After an eventful couple of seasons that included touring with Audio Adrenaline and performing at Pope John Paul's youth rally in St. Louis, Christian ska sensations the Orange County Supertones are back with their third album, Chase the Sun. Called America's "best -- okay, only Christian ska band" by no less an "authority" than Rolling Stone (for the record, there are other Christian ska bands), the Supertones expand upon their trademark rap/ska sound, and the results are quite good.

Although there's still plenty of ska to skank to here, there are also forays into acoustic pop ("Old Friend"), funk ("Chase the Sun"), and sweet melody ("Refuge," framed with touches of string quartet). "Away from You" features guest vocals by Crystal Lewis; "Revolution" is a surf-style instrumental with a groovin' Vox organ solo; Lyrically, "Health and Wealth" takes a pointed jab at the self-indulgence of the popular "prosperity" gospel. Throughout much of Chase the Sun the band retains the tight strength and edgy rock guitar blitz that made their '97 smash Supertones Strike Back 'so remarkable.