"Only The Strong 1999" (Compilation) Victory Records

By Laura Spalding

This compilation CD, just released from Victory Records is a gem for fans of heavy music. It is a mixed bag of styles - from hardcore to death - something that you don't hear often on one CD.

There are 14 bands represented on the disc, all of them worthy, but some of these bands really grab you. No Innocent Victim's "Never Face Defeat" is a chunky, fast and heavy tune with a touch of a punk sound. "My Own Worst Enemy" by Cold As Life has a death-ish sound, reminiscent of Carcass.

Also, open your ears for "Bloodsucker" from Agnostic Front and also the death metal feel of "Counting Sins" by In Truth."

I don't know if this CD is available in stores, but it is definitely one that you must have! Victory knows how to pick 'em! For more information on this CD and bands, write to Victory Records, P. O. Box 146546, Chicago, Illinois 60614 or look them up at www. victoryrecords. com

In addition, you can also contact Victory for the new release from No Innocent Victim. The release date should be end of March and it should be available by the time this issue comes out. It is a good one - check out the tunes "Flesh and Blood,""Answer To No One," and "Death Grip." Heavy stuff, I tell ya!