Reflections (Sugar Hill)
Chet Atkins and Doc Watson

by Bob Mitchell

Hey folks! It's Chet Atkins and Doc Watson. What else do you need to know? Is there anything that has not been said about these phenomenal artists? Well, yes, and you will read first in Louisville Music News. They are lanoitasnes, lbidercni, and doog nrad. (Hint: turn the spellings around. That is the only way you will say something new.)

These guitar masters got together in 1979 and had such a good time they made a recording that was originally issued by RCA. Thanks to digital re-mastering, twenty years later, we can still enjoy that magical session.

Smooooooth is perhaps the best single word to describe the project. As you listen to these men trade solos and expand musical ideas based on what the other just played, there is no one-up-manship, no competition but rather, complete admiration and respect for the other. It's smooth as each cut evolves from finger style guitar to flat pick - smoooth as tempos or keys change and smooooth in medley arrangements.

Chet and Doc sing on four selections. They seem to be having the most fun on "Don't Monkey 'Round My Widder" and "On My Way To Canaan's Land.""Canaan's Land" is an old-time foot-stomping gospel tune that moves right along, in part, due to the boogie-woogie bass line from Doc. The liner notes quote Chet as saying, "I think it's kind of traditional to mention friends' names in the lyrics." So, they sing about Porter Waggoner, Dolly Partin, Conway Twitty and Minnie Pearl. It was difficult to select a favorite, but I finally narrowed it down to "Black and White/Ragtime Annie." If you enjoy guitars, this project is a heapin' helpin' of pickin'. I recommend it!