News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey People of the Pit - Happy Holidays! December seems like it is going to be a slow month as far as heavy music goes, but I do have a little news for ya! Read on, read on!

_ First up - a fairly new band around town, featuring former members of various other local bands is Factor 9. The band features Andrew McAllister, guitar (formerly of Creed); Joey Goldsmith, bass (formerly of Shapeless Matrix); Dave Wathen, drums and Scott Cox, guitar (both formerly of Mindstorm) and Andy Paul, vocals (formerly of Infringe). Factor 9 played a few shows in November, including the After Gobblestock Party at Headliners Music Hall with My Own Victim and Synthetic. The band has a three-song demo that they offer at their shows. Check out their website - IX.

More news on the CD & shows as I hear it!

_ Also, Eddy wants everyone to know that he is not deserting the local scene, even though he is not on The Fox's Attitude Network at the moment. He is planning some all-ages shows and is also working on getting some heavy shows booked at Phoenix Hill Tavern's Roof Garden. This would be ultra cool! If you're in favor - call up the Hill & let `em know!

_ Caught a recent show of E-Flat at Skip's Place in Hillview. The show went really well and the new material kicks butt - heavier! The band played the first few songs with bassist Erich Otto (formerly of Inhuman), - who they are working in as a possible replacement for Tim Flaherty. Tim will go back to his first love - guitar, joining Todd Nelson, to make E-Flat a dual guitar band. The band has a new three song CD - Hard-Edge- Real-Life-Music - which I will review in next month's issue.

To hear some E - Flat tuneage, log on to or go to the band's website at - type in E-Flat at both sites.

Well people - that's about all I have for now. Big news - I finally got an e-mail address! Please send show dates, band news, or any comments to me at I'm outie for now - see ya for a heavy Y2K!