Tim Roberts

By Tim Roberts

I've finally done it. One smartalecky quip in last month's column has gotten more mileage than the Saturn V. I'm talking about the following, verbatim from last month:

"So if you're apocalyptic, get ready for 11 months of watching the clock count down to the Last Days. I read where you should have plenty of bottled water and sacks of pinto beans stored away. After January 1, 2000, you may be more gaseous than Saturn, but you'll be better fed than the rest who foolishly ignored all the warnings and ended up starving and naked in the riot-torn streets."

Virtually all regular readers of this column (all seven of you) and a few newcomers (`Hi' to both of you) quizzed me for an explanation. Here `tis: Last month's Esquire contained an article about a series of Year 2000 workshops Reverend Pat Robertson held at his CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach. One of the workshop speakers suggested buying and storing beans to have as food for the fast-approaching Day When Grocery Store Shelves Empty (which could be any winter's day in Louisville when snow is forecast). My version was a way to introduce my first column of 1999, and to capitalize on the panic-fed Y2K crisis rumbling our way in 10 months. Instead, I became a minor authority on bean storage. So there's the explanation, if you needed it. If not, here's the real reason you glance at this part of the paper each month: my secret love-letter correspondence with Diana Krall.

But first, a word from the upcoming Jazz Week '99 at the University of Louisville, February 22 through 27. Once again Mike Tracy and his colleagues at the School of Music have assembled a powerful lineup of shows featuring traditional and modern jazz performances. Here's the lineup for the weeklong event:

Monday, February 22 - The Ray Brown Trio

Tuesday, February 23 - The Hal Galper Trio, featuring Tim Hagans on trumpet and Jerry Bergonzi on sax

Wednesday, February 24 - Jazz Historian Hal Miller presents his collection of rare films and videos of vintage jazz performances (catch this one at the Bird Recital Hall)

Thursday, February 25 - Pianist Harry Pickens returns

Friday, February 26 - The Tana/Reid Quintet, featuring bassist Rufus Reid and drummer Akira Tana

Saturday, February 27 - The New York Voices, with U of L's Jazz Ensemble I and Vocal Jazz Ensemble

All concerts begin at 8 p.m. in the Recital Hall at the U of L School of Music on the Belknap Campus. Ticket prices for the Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday shows are $15 general admission and $10 for students. You can purchase a package of all the major shows for $50 for general admission or $35 for students. Tickets for the Harry Pickens concert Thursday night are $10. And, as always, Hal Miller's video presentation is free.

Questions? Call the U of L School of Music at 852-6907.

A Perfect Valentine's Day Show - Vocalist Kevin Mahogany will melt hearts at Memorial Hall at the University of Kentucky at 8:00 on February 14. On March 6, trumpeter Nicholas Payton pays a visit. For more information about both shows, call 1-606-257-TICS.

A belated congratulations and thanks to Tony McDaniel and Mason's for bringing BeebleBrox into town.

Personal to MonsterMouth: I guess I'll now have to watch every episode of Nash Bridges.

Buy Beans.