Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

The Mid City is hoppin' these days and this month I'm focusing on some of the leapfrog. The following venues are on Bardstown Road, so keep that in mind. I really am not in an "address" kind of mood. Categories include : open, closed, expanding and other.

Dedden's Highland Fling is still for sale. Lois has had some potential buyers, but nothing has panned out yet. Meanwhile, remember to throw some quarters in her jukebox - she's added even more Louisville music.

The building formerly known as Kiwi's sits sadly guarded by a broken-faced golden cement dog, awaiting a new master. It's still unopened.

This covers the "other" category.

The long lines which used to flow into the Thunderdome now enter the Have A Nice Day Cafe. I hadn't realized this place was yet operative, since the "opening soon" banner has been hanging around, but I was wrong. The nightclub opened on December 18 (1998), so geez, I'm about six weeks late on this one. Also, it's not a cafe at all, but a Fevered dance dip on Saturday Night! And Friday night. Seventies' music is the theme on weekends, complete with lighted dance floor, handpainted murals and - you get it - the works. Thursday is "Ladies' Eighties'" night, where females are treated like . . . well, like females should be! Catered to, they are, with whatever may fill the needs that night! (Don't get too excited, ladies, we're talking gift certificates, drink specials, shuttles, stuff like that.)

Have A Nice Day Cafe is open Wednesday through Saturday, 9 p.m. - 4 a.m., but a free buffet begins February 25, with Friday happy hour from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

A mile or so up the street, we pass the now closed Ermin's, where I enjoyed Splatch just a few weeks before the club (not bakery) was no more. Across from Kroger's sits Whiskey Bob's. I have just completed my "closed" category and am proceeding with my "open".

Whiskey Bob's Motorsport Saloon. That is one mouthful of a visual name, I think, conjuring up images of riding one's Harley through Vegas during the Old West in search of Miss Kitty. Although I personally enjoy that fantasy, I may be reading too much into the name. Fact is, WB's is a new stage in town that shows off Louisville's premium talent.

Although officially opening last October, Whiskey Bob's surged with a musical makeover January 1, through the vision of manager Mike Parsley , a musician himself. Audiences have hit the dance floor to the sounds of El Roostars, The Stand, String Relief and others. Bands interested in bookings should call Mike at 459-5400.

The bar is involved with local charities such as Toys 4 Tots and Crusade for Children. In addition, they have pool leagues and tournaments, clean bathrooms and, oh, yeah . . . Thursday is Biker Night!!

Wick's Pub is expanding. They are currently preparing to move the restaurant into the space that used to be Pit Stop Bar-B-Que. Owner Mike says the seating will double, as will the bar area, which is to include live music. Happy to hear that. Expect a new Wick's by mid-March.

Also in the expansion category: Mothership Connection. Located across from Speed Ave., this charming little store is a source for hip clothing, jewelry and accessories. Rumor has it, though, we may soon have a new room for the blues, hip-hop, raves, even spoken word. Planning is in the works and liquor licensing is being explored. Sneak Sally down the alley, groove to the beat, and don't forget to buy her jewelry on the way out! My kind of night.

Moving now to some personalities . . . Last month I requested 1998 hi/lo-lites from various people. Tom Florian had a few words for me, but I didn't receive them in time, so I present them now. Let me say that "Flo" has a lot on his mind, with the rigorous mission he has undertaken in compiling several genre-themed discs of both regional and international artists - well they're not exactly discs . . . do you need one of those RIO thingies? Or, maybe . . . At any rate, you can buy them, I know that's right! As you can tell, Flo's internet expertise goes slightly over my explanation abilities for the limited length of this particular column, so I'll let him explain it himself. Flo excitedly e-mails ... "I have one word for you, MP3! I'll remember 1998 as the year of the Indie reformation! When the playing field was leveled and everyone from the RIAA down to little `ole me scrambled around to see what to do about it, I found this newfangled way to distribute CD quality music using the Net. I saw how disorganized all the pros were and decided to make a stand! I united a bunch of Indie artists from this cool website called mp3.com and started my own called http://listen.to/52. Check it out, help us out and shout it out!!!"

The Marks. Mark Watson, Dave Marcum, and at times John Hayes (Question Mark), Paul Bennett (BenchMark) and a rotating few others have a CD called The Marks available at your favorite Highland record stores, as well as Hawley-Cooke Booksellers. I hope my editor lets me say Mark this many times because it's fun. As is the new album, which I'm not here to review, so I won't, but I did enjoy it.

Mark W. and D. Marcum, the core performers and songwriters, have a busy schedule. I spoke to Mark Watson (sax, whistles, tambourine, washboard, vocals) about the band, the songs, and life in general. Regarding the latter, his goals involve making a living playing music while staying in Louisville and helping pump up the scene. That's in contrast to many musicians who act like they're constantly looking for another city in which to record, work in, or escape to. At any rate, so far so good, because this bad boy has played with almost everybody in town at one time or another but admits to only a few, including The Uglies, where he and guitarist/ drummer David met. In fact, the new album includes a couple of tracks written by Dan Killian. I love that song-swapping support system stuff.

You have at least four nightly chances each week to find The Marks. Mondays -Air Devils Inn; Tuesdays - The Hideaway; Thursdays - Dundee Tavern, and every Sunday at Bearno's by the Bridge.

The rain is music to my ears and my creative juices flow wildly so I must go now!

Don't forget to call me with your band info . . . 485-9677

(heart) Muffy