Blacklisted 7" (King Fetus Records)


By Brent Starkey

S**t! This is quite a turn-around from the tape Blacklisted put out a couple of years back. This 7" fairly well rocks! The A-Side is "belligerent frequencies," which cooks along until the crappy, long, quasi-reggae breakdown at the end ("bringing on a revolution, breed on revolution, bring on the revolution, bleed on the revolution") which brings the whole thing to a screeching halt ... and drags on w-a-y too long.

The B-Side fairs much better with a cool original "Six Feet Under Hell" that not only kicks some butt but has a fairly amusing ending (maybe not intentional, but...) and also a Black Flag cover ("Nervous Breakdown") that could've faired better without the wa-guitar, but kicks nonetheless. A real good local release - Redneck Punk Rock - Check it out.