Celtic Corner
By Decimus Rock

The Inevitable

Call me predictable. Here are Rock's Remonstrances of Resolve in anticipation of the Millennium:

1. Monthly feature story on local/regional acts.

2. Proofread copie.

3. Reduce Editor Moffett's blood pressure by meeting deadlines.

4. Do a better job of getting local/regional groups to keep me informed of their identities and whereabouts . . . nag!

5. Include more dance information, i.e. Bluegrass Irish Dancers, Scottish Country Dancing, avenues to participate, etc.

6. Attract more advertising revenue to LMN. Is there a worthier cause?

7. Encourage greater means of providing instructional opportunities, e.g., Louisville Pipe Band free lessons, local academies.

8. Support the musical endeavors of local organizations sponsoring Celtic music: The Greater Louisville Irish American Cultural Society, The Scottish Society of Louisville, The Ancient Order of Hibernians and The Sons and Daughters of Erin.

9. End the War Across the Park . . . referring to the space between The Irish Rover and Molly Malone's. As tiresome as Monicagate, Rock's has heard all the allegations of abuse and deems them small potatoes in cosmic time. Both deserve your fullest patronage.

10. Lose weight.

Burns Night Celebration January 30

You don't have to be a Scot to thoroughly enjoy an evening of good times in food, music and tartan splendor. Hosted by the Scottish Society of Louisville, the tribute to Scotland's poet laureate is an altogether festive occasion. The 1999 edition offers a special guest entertainer in Andrew Fairley, the "Singing Postmaster" from the Scottish borders village of Smailhom (near Kelso) in the heart of Sir Walter Scott country. His much praised "sherry-brown voice" is often heard on local Scottish radio and BBC's Radio Tweed.

The event begins at 6 p.m. with great pomp and circumstance and includes the traditional "toast to the immortal memory" with a wee dram of single malt scotch, an "address to the haggis," performances by The Scottish Country Dancers and The Louisville Pipe Band followed by a "ceilidh" (pronounced KAY-lee), a somewhat extemporaneous jam session and sing song. Your paid reservation ($30 per person-no tickets at the door) also includes a delicious traditional Scottish meal prepared by Masterson's Chef. Send your checks, payable to The Scottish Society of Louisville/or just SSL, to Art Stead, 3814 Glenwillow Way, Louisville, KY 40299. For more information, call Art at 266-0985 or Anne Moore at 893-3953. Rock never misses this event, so do come dearly beloved!

Ten Penny Bit Live !

TBP's newest configuration has a splendid sound, so you will want to catch them in Cincinnati at R. P. McMurphy's on January 9 and 30; at The Brazenhead in Dublin, Ohio (Columbus) on January 16 and at its first appearance at Molly Malone's on January 22. Call Robin Loeffler for more information at 447-0581.

Dribs and Drabs

Drowsy Maggie is taking a nap in January but when she wakes up, somebody's tail is gonna get whupped (and I hope its mine) . . . Galloglas has a new live CD coming out very shortly . . . Cincinnati's premiere Celtic band, Silver Arm, is coming to Molly Malone's . . .Don't forget the every Sunday jam sessions at Molly Malone's and the first Friday session at the Rudyard Kipling.

Paul Moffett: I am asking Molly Malones to send you their line up directly on e-mail.

The galloglas gigs for Jan. are:

1/8 Molly Malone's 10 p.m. and 1/15 Jack Quinn's, Covington, KY 9:30 p.m.