Fuel/Local H, and Purple Jesus

By Laura Spalding

Friday, December 11 brought a cool, alterna/heavy show to the Toy Tiger, featuring two popular bands, Fuel and Local H, both of whom get lots of radio play around these parts.

Local band Purple Jesus - definitely the heaviest band on this night - did a good job of warming up the crowd for the other two bands.

Next was Local H - out of Chicago -playing in support of their most recent release" Pack up the Cats." These guys are great live! Their songs are melodic yet heavy and they were very much into the music.

Local H consists mainly of two band members - the singer/guitarist/bassist and an excellent, hard-hitting drummer. They also had another guitarist who stepped in now and then, and a guy who jumped in to help on vocals and tambourine. Not sure who all is in the band, but they played an interesting show on this night!

Local H pleased the crowd with several tunes, especially their radio-popular "Bound by the Floor." Other tunes included" All the Kids,""Eddie Vedder," and "Cool Magnet."

Fuel, touring in support of Sunburn, was the headlining act. Fuel is a good band, but they didn't get the crowd hopping as much as Local H did. Everyone was into and sang along to the band's frequently played radio tunes "Bittersweet" and "Shimmer," which were done well, but the crowd seemed to thin out a little after these tunes were played.

Overall, this was a great show, but Local H should have been the headlining band.