Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Samsara, and Candiria at the Toy Tiger

By Eddy Metal

Saturday, December 12 brought Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Samsara, and Candiria to the Toy Tiger for an all-ages show. First up was a band I had heard about two years ago, but I had never seen - Candiria from New York.

This band is metal, jazz, thrash and funk along with about three other styles as well. They were a very talented band and reminded me of the Louisville band Shapeless Matrix.

Then a new band, Samsara, also from New York, hit the stage. This band featured Suicidal Tendencies founding guitarist Rocky George and guitarist Perris Mayhew of the Cro-Mags. Their hardcore, punk metal was highly energetic. Look for a CD release in the spring.

Next up were co-headliners Hatebreed from Connecticut, slamming forth with a fast, hardcore groove. This band's music is short, but sweet - a metal lover's dream. The younger fans really loved Hatebreed.

Then came the headliners, New York's Earth Crisis. I liked this band best in this show. They aren't as trendy as a lot of other new bands and I like that. No wonder their down-tuned, heavy metal thrash style is doing so well - these guys slam!

All in all, I was made a fan of New York metal on this night and the crowd loved every band.