News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Happy New Year, ye People of the Pit!! Looks like we're starting this new year off right, with a whole lot of loud, heavy music! Got lots of news and upcoming shows for ya, so get to reading. !

First things first. On January 1, 1999, make sure you check out Inhuman and Battery -"The Masters of Metallica" - at the Toy Tiger. Ring in the New Year right, with some loud, ragin' music!

Here are a couple of killer shows coming up at P. J's Pub: January 8, check out Point of Anger, Inhuman and Noize Bucket. Then, on January 16, check out Inhuman, Dump Gang and Encrypted Flesh. Be there! For more information call P. J. 's at (502) 368-9911.

January 15, make sure you head out to the Tiger for My Own Victim and Point of Anger.

A little news and some tidbits for ya. Faceplant is writing new material and probably won't be playing out for a little while, but they did a great job opening for Suicidal Tendencies at the Toy Tiger in December and at the Flaw record release show.

Speaking of Flaw, I heard about some crazy stuff going on at their record release show on December 4 at the Tiger! Seems that folks from the Body Art Emporium were on the scene and a few people from the audience decided to get pierced in areas of the body that I can't mention here, `cause this is a family publication. This all occurred on stage, while Flaw continued to play their set. Sounds a little painful to me. Owie!

I hear that Engrind recently lost their bass player - I don't know the story - so they may be looking for a replacement. Keep your ears open for that!

Point of Anger has reunited with singer Mike Stout and I hear things are going well. They played some recent shows in Richmond and Indianapolis. Be on the lookout for upcoming shows in Louisville.

Inhuman is working on a new CD -their second - More news as I hear it.

Heard news that the band formerly known as Stoneflesh have recruited Chris from Unrule to fill their vocal position.

Be sure to read reviews in this issue on Suicidal Tendencies, the Earth Crisis/Hatebreed show and the Fuel/Local H show, all of which happened at the Toy Tiger in December. I hope you got to catch some these great shows.

Extra! Extra!, I heard that Sepultura may be playing at the Tiger in the near future!! Now that's my bag, baby! Keep your ears pealed for a show date on this one!

here are "Laura's Picks." DO NOT MISS THESE SHOWS, even if you have to sell your car to get money for the tickets. (Just joking)

First up, I don't know if this show has definitely been confirmed yet, but it should be happening on, January 23 at the Toy Tiger: Godsmack (awesome!), V. A. S. T., and Push Monkey. This will be a killer show, don't miss it!

I'm announcing this next one a little early, because it is important for local metal in Louisville. Mark your calendars and arrive early on Friday, February 5, at the Toy Tiger. The Attitude Network on 100. 5 The Fox presents, "Unsigned Xtreme," featuring seven heavy, heavy bands. From Louisville, Faceplant, Inhuman, Engrind and Shapeless Matrix will be there. Luther from Glasgow, Ky., Krosmember from Rineyville, Ky., and the Louisville debut of Chicago's Krome will round out the line-up.

This show starts at 7:30 p.m. For more info, call the Toy Tiger at (502) 458-2020 or (502) 456-1137. If this gets a good response, we could have shows like this every month, which would be way cool for local metal!

You can hear much metal on The Attitude Network, Saturdays at midnight on 100. 5 The Fox!

I will have some CD reviews in next months issue.

Well people, I'm outie for this month, get your butt out and enjoy these awesome shows coming our way!

See ya in the Pit!!